Marketing Resources

Promote Ultherapy to retain your current Patients and attract new Patients! Download and use approved marketing collateral and pricing information.

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Clinical Resources

Developed in partnership with Merz Pharmaceuticals, our Clinical Resource Library includes the Treatment Reference Guidelines and our Pricing by Treatment Area Guide.

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Pre-Appointment Call Template

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This call is focused on the clinical process and allows the provider to have a personal touch with the patient that might be experiencing fear of the unknown. This allows the patient to know what to expect, how to prepare and provides an opportunity for patients to ask questions.

Post-Appointment Line Count

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Congratulations! You have completed your Ultherapy appointments. After all of your appointments are complete you are required to submit a line count on every Transducer that was shipped to you. This ensures the next Provider to recieve the machine has ample lines to complete their appointment(s).

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How to Pack the Ultherapy Machine

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The Ultherapy machine and supplies must be packed following The Skin Clique's specific procedure to avoid damage. Incorrect packing can result in a penalty for the Provider.

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