Make a Difference.

OneWorld Health

At The Skin Clique, we are passionate about using our healthcare expertise to empower women. We strive to improve access and provide high-quality, affordable aesthetic care to all patients. With this mission in mind, we are excited to launch our partnership with OneWorld Health - specifically focusing on women and children.

OneWorld Health is a nonprofit that provides quality, affordable healthcare to patients in Nicaragua, Uganda and Honduras. This means that women have the option of choosing a local doctor, at an affordable price in Nicaragua and that women in Uganda have access to clean, safe places to give birth.

To kick off our partnership, The Skin Clique will match patient donations during the month of December. We are excited to see that together, we can improve healthcare in communities around the world! Below are some examples of how your donation can help.

OWH Healthy Baby
OWH Mom and Baby

Ultrasound - $12

Equivalent to the cost of 1 unit of Botox, your donation can provide 3 ultrasound visits for an expectant mother.  

Vaginal Delivery - $25

Equivalent to the cost of 2 units of Botox, your donation can provide a safe, in hospital delivery for mother and baby.

C-Section - $100

Equivalent to the cost of 8 units of Botox, your donation can provide peri-operative and C-section care for Mom and baby.