A woman showing Melasma on her face

Let’s Talk Melasma

by Sarah, Allen, MD

“I have melasma” - it’s a comment I hear often and it’s a hard one. It might take us a few days to get through all of the treatment options. But first off, what is it? Melasma causes brown patches of the skin. It has at times been called “the mask of pregnancy.” There's no test for this - but is easily recognizable by your medical provider. 

If you have melasma, you should always wear sunscreen. Everyone should always wear sunscreen, but you really should. We recommend one that protects against UVA and UVB rays and is at least SPF 30. If melasma is caused by pregnancy, it may improve over one year or so. But for some, it may persist and if it does improve with treatment, but you are not diligent about sun protection, it can recur easily. Stay tuned for treatment of melasma.  

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